Recycling Case Studies
National Recycling Coalition

Cornell University: Study by Michael Lounsbury, "Institutional Sources of Practice Variation: Staffing College and University Recycling Programs"

Recycling at Hamilton College

University of Oregon: How to set up a recycling program
Composting Case Studies
Campus ERC, The Environmental Resource Center for Higher Education

Marist College: Transition from compost to digester

Recycling Resources
Advanced Recovery, Inc. (anything with a plug!)

DEC Green

Hugo Neu Recycling

The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

IRN The Reuse Network

New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recyling

Northeast Recycling Council

One Planet Books (text book recycling)

Recycle Bank

TOMRA (reverse vending)

Westchester County Recycling Office

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Composting Resources
BioHitech America

Composting Guide

Green Mountain Technologies (Earth Tub)

How to Compost

NATH Sustinable Solutions, LLC (Rocket® composter)


U.S. Composting Council

US EPA: Composting
Hazardous Waste Resources
Campus ERC, The Environmental Resource Center for Higher Education

US Environmental Protection Agency, College and University Compliance Additional helpful resources appear at the bottom of their webpage.

State University of New York at Buffalo